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MANILA, Philippines (24 Frames Video & Film Org) – It is a funny yet honest analysis based by the host and TV personality Franco Mabanta, after exposing his side comments regarding the candidates and political aspirants. It was indeed the intense elections in the history of Philippine politics. Mabanta also pointed out that aside from the politicians who threws out dirty tactics to each others’ candidate. Even the ordinary people are doing the same thing. This time, we are an internet living and a lot of sources are from the Internet.

“…And its hate calling, friendships broken, bridges burn” Mabanta said. He pointed out the relationships are also involved during elections. People became a political analyst, stating differents beliefs and standings on who to choose the best leader for this upcoming election. Mabanta also stated that the social media platforms by the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are simply isn’t fun anymore. There’s a possibility of making a troll of someone’s social media account and they took a screenshot of it, and post in online to make it viral, the worst thing is it will surfaced it on Philippine media outlets. Sooner, the individual’s reputation are destroyed because of politics.

Mabanta encouraged the viewers to vote for their mind because you’ll learn to choose the best. Voting for their well-being, health and the spirits, he also calls the the religions to unite to the better Philippines, pointing that the people should understand that “They are you, and you are they” so that can one day they can forgive each other with no condition.

He concluded the video with the quote “Let us fight as one, let us rebel as one, and let us great as one”. “The mission was to create something great — something relevant, insightful, honest and funny, the result – How To Survive The 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections“, said Jason Magbanua, director and producer of the said video. It was a collaboration work with Tim Tayag and Gov Daswani.

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