10 Things for Filmmakers to Do While Quarantined

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It’s three days into the lockdown; are you running out of things to do while on enhanced community quarantine? Is there anything else for artists to do at this time? I’ve interviewed your 24F Assistant Secretary Chris Holgado to give you 10 things that filmmakers could do during this quarantine season.


  1. “Ikot-ikot muna kayo sa bahay niyo, baka may hindi pa kayo napupuntahan.”

Up for the challenge? Take us on a tour, will ya? Give us a preview of those sexy edges, corners, and walls that make up your home. We’d love to know how comfy your bed really is for this whole month.

Video by Julius Nicole Lacanlale (2020).


  1. Hone your inner Sam Kolder.

Piece together clips from your backlogs, your RAWs, or some royalty-free vids around the internet and see how much you can produce from it! There’s always endless opportunities to export a music video, a tribute, or even birth a new meme. Or maybe the time has come for you to join the TikTok community.

Video by iMarkkeyz (2020).


  1. Shoot yourself indoors!

You don’t need the military for this one. Maybe the time has come to finally set up that studio you have always dreamt of. All you need is some practical lights, a working camera, and your roommate to rock some action! Don’t forget to disinfect your new place.

GIF from Mean Girls (2004).


  1. See how everyone’s holding up!

There’s nothing more wholesome than an hijo/hija who checks on his family. Show off your IG story creativity skills and walk up to your fam to ask how they’re doing! Please no hoarding of tissues for this one.

GIF from KTLA (2015).


  1. Rev up that inspiration!

Of course you still gotta rest your shoulders and your back from carrying the vibe inside your home. So sit back, relax, and finally watch those movies you’ve downloaded and kept untouched from all your school works. If you don’t have Netflix, our friends in Cinema One and TBA Studios have released some of their originals in their YouTube pages for streaming.

Film by TBA Studios (2017).


  1. Life imitates art.

There’s nothing like a good cry after seeing your all-time fave drama, or a boost of adrenaline after getting scared by a random horror short. To pass the time, “build” a time machine using your microwave and time travel like Doc Emmett and McFRY! Play the alarm from The Purge and prank your siblings! Or perhaps unleash your Zack King persona in a room full of David Blanes and Criss Angels by passing through your magic door and coming out of your house (would not recommend).

Video by Voiceover Flowers (2020).


  1. Who says my dog can’t Godzilla?

The time has come for the good boy to lip sync for his life. Whether you’ve got a dog, a cat, a chicken, or a domesticated rat, pet videos are the perfect way for you and the future Mr. Sandman or Godzilla to bond over and play. Now hurry up and record, Oscar’s waiting.

Video from TikTok user @jade13tr (2019).


  1. Sharing is caring.

There are other better ways to make your day worthwhile. You can use your social media accounts to share to your stories what is happening around the country or how we can do our part to take care of our frontliners in this time of despair. Don’t be afraid to click that share button for news reports on the situation; videos are the most powerful media to spread attention.

GIF from Parasite (2019).


  1. Get connected!

Now is the perfect way to put all these tips to use: make them available online! There are several platforms for you to gain traction on your proudest works besides Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All you have to do is use your voice and be part of the conversation.

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