24 Frames: A Fresh Year, A Fresh Start

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“Have a fresh start, ignite your passion for film, and have the power to empower.”

24 Frames is making a fresh start with a new theme and new recruits this term. For this term, the officers have decided on being “fresh” as the core theme of its events and ethics moving forward. If you’re wondering what fresh means to us, Graphic Head Joshua Asi says that it’s about “a new start or there is something new”. Visual Head Zia Nape added that it’s about “coming back from our previous phase with a progressive mind”. Creative Head Denmark Mallillin said that being fresh is about “breaking all barriers of tomorrow to lead and to create a better student body, also taking this chance to breathe new colors, experiences, and opportunities this semester.”

Evolving in the organization is an important thing. When asked how do you evolve in the organization by being fresh, Media Head Sam de Asis said to evolve with the org by “sharing my fresh ideas, creative thoughts, and being open to learn new things”. Publishing Head Ella Mariano added that “stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring new things will help me evolve as an officer and a filmmaker”. For Production Head Gel Pande, “we evolve differently, but the idea of holding on to the positive effect of being new helps us inspire ourselves to develop more further each and every day.”

With the new term of officers in line, External Head Martin Pastor says that he expects great things from the new batch of officers.  “I really do believe that we have successfully put together people who share the same passion and love for filmmaking and will do whatever it takes to spread the beauty of films”. Internal Head Lloyd Canilang says that “I’m expecting fun activities in the organization to help the new and old members”. In addition, he wants everyone to be more hands-on on the activities to come. Marketing Head Marvin del Barrio shares the same thought on having more activities to engage with the members. “I would always love to interact with the members so I’m just excited for what our org, 24 Frames, can really bring to the table this year”, he added.

A fresh start comes with exciting activities and opportunities to learn more about filmmaking. Assistant Secretary Chris Holgado says, “being involved in the 24 Frames organization is a great opportunity for individuals to learn, discuss, and get their hands on filmmaking along with their fellow CIIT students because the first step into the growth zone is learning with others.” For Business Manager Zel Salcedo, “being a member of 24 Frames is a vital factor to gather various talents and by being involved in the organization, they are able to enhance and discover their unique talents to evolve as a team, as a production, and as a family.” Moreover, Finance Manager Dean Pineda says that “members should be involved in 24 Frames for them to grow in their field because we help members to evolve as filmmakers.”

As our family grows year by year, the future shines bright for 24 Frames. Vice President Angela Apostol says that “I can still see 24 Frames opening doors to new opportunities and building new relationships for aspiring filmmakers”. Secretary Melissa Garcia adds, “I see the future of 24 Frames with talented students who will continue to do their passion and reach their goal for film no matter what it takes.” And lastly, President Josh Roque says that “the future of 24 Frames is bright and clear with the fresh message we want to deliver: the time to start is now to be a filmmaker capable of change to empower lives of the people. I believe that the student leaders in this term will not only excel as overseers but as directors individually, and that they are just the beginning of a new generation coming together for the pursuit of Philippine cinema.”

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