Behind the Scene: Kacy Salve Shares His Background in CGI and Editing

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 Kacy Nathaniel C. Salve, a student from CIIT senior high school was behind the post-productions of Tropeo ng Kalayaan. He arranged the clips, sound design, CGI, and color grading with the help of Bradley Gonazales, a CGI artist, who modeled the CGI version of the trophy in Tropeo ng Kalayaan.

His source of inspiration is from the continuous support of his friends and family, compelling him to learn how to execute his ideas and create more concepts of his own.

Kacy is an only child, he grew up spending most of his time alone and exploring video editing software. His interest grew in video editing when he discovered Windows Live Movie Maker, creating a montage of pictures with music playing in the background. He started uploading those videos on his YouTube channel, “KacySalve”, to showcase how much he improves whenever he created videos.

He and his friends wanted to strive and do their best to win at the MMFF, Cinemalaya, Cinejuana, and Sine Siklab but lost the opportunity. Instead, Polaris Production, a production he was part of, was nominated as the best cinematography in a mini music video competition from his school. 

Another would be in Cinejuana, KMBT Production, a production he was in, won 1st place and best picture in the competition. He stated that the only thing he learned in every competition, is that you always have to give 100 percent in your work, there will come a phase in filming where everything will fall apart, but don’t let that stop you and make you feel discouraged, be patient. Let that passion fuel your creativity and desire to make films.

Kacy working on a video edit.

Kacy Salve is open to do commission for motion graphics and video editing. Contact him through Facebook, Kacy Nathaniel C. Salve, and Instagram, @kacysalve. To see more of his works, he has projects on YouTube channels called Variety Films and Content Complicated. Watch their films for more content ideas.

“Today, I am still learning and striving to be a better artist than I was yesterday”.

“Support local artists and just keep moving forward.”

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