Music Videos You Should See: 24 Frames Editors’ Picks

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Music videos are a way for artists to express their songs further, create an aesthetic for their brand, or just simply express themselves. When music artists release their music videos, their fans would be so excited to watch and support their favorite singer or band, with a serious case of LSS coming their way right after putting it on replay.

There are a lot of music videos to see online and on tv, catering everyone with different tastes in music. Here are the favorite music videos of your 24 Frames officers and why they’re worth your time.

1. Up & up - coldplay
chris holgado's pick

Coldplay’s “Up and Up” is made by filmmakers Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia. Chris said that this music video resonated with him. “Its surrealism combined with the song itself propels me into an airborne feeling.”

He adds, “Up&Up is one of the unique music videos I’ve seen in various times. It’s ability to send me afloat is the feeling that I look for from every other music. While other music might give me a relaxing freefall, Up&Up’s music video gives the type of flying that replaces excess thoughts with inspiring fragments of ideas.”

The dreamlike imagery of this music video got an award for Best Visual effects at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

2. sisikat ka, iha - bita and the botflies
gel pande's pick

Gel’s favorite would be another surreal music video called “Sisikat Ka, Iha” by Bita and the Botflies. With its psychedelic illustrations and theme, Gel explained that the band was brave to tackle the topic about women. “Their topic of choice was sensitive, but the execution of the music video was effective, with the moving illustrations and psychedelic style backing up the message of the song.”

3. usisa - bullet dumas
zia nape's pick

Zia’s choice would be Bullet Dumas’ “Usisa”. She said that the music video “showed that as a Filipino artist, Bullet really wants to speak up and fight for what he stands for using his talent. However, the government and the society are against his views of making a change in our society.” She adds that she’s inspired by the music video’s cinematography. “The style of the visuals in the video is the style that I want to do in the future.”

4. Nothin' on you - b.o.b. ft. bruno mars
melissa garcia's pick

Melissa said that Nothin’ On You is her favorite because she liked how this kind of music video is a creative alternate for the usual “cinematic” music videos that we know. “I love the part where there are cut-outs [of girls] of different races. For me, it is a big deal because it is one of our issues for a long time, which is interracial relationships.”

5. the writings on the wall - ok go
ella mariano's pick

Ella has chosen “The Writings on the Wall”. She said that this music video has stood out to her among all their catalog. “I started to find out about their band when Ian Eastwood, a famous dancer, danced for their music video / advertisement for a phone brand. When I looked for their other videos online, I realized that OK Go  loves to get creative on their music videos. The Writing’s on the Wall stood out for me out of all their other videos because I have always wanted to do art illusion murals. This music video is a one-take video where they walk around a huge room filled with art illusions, with the band also being a part of the illusions. It’s visually pleasing to the eye for anyone who’ll watch it.” She adds, ” After watching this music video, I told myself, “I wish I could’ve thought of this concept first” because it was done so smoothly. For sure, a lot of work was done behind the scenes, but I know it’s going to be worth it, seeing that after the music video ended, the crew came out behind the walls with smiles of relief on their faces.”

6. me - taylor swift ft. brendon urie
joshua asi's pick

Joshua said that “Me” by Taylor Swift is his favorite music video. “I like the colors used in the music video, as well as the transitions that they’ve used. As for the concept of the video, you have to think it through to understand the message behind it – like how the song related to the video.”

7. empty - kevin abstract
angela apostol's pick

Angela explained how “Empty” by Kevin Abstract is one of her favorites. “It tackles the struggles of the LGBTQ+ which is very important for me because artists should use their platforms to raise awareness upon the issue. The storytelling may be very simple, but it still brings an impact to the viewers. You’ll feel the emotions brought by the characters in the video despite having no dialogue.”

8. sanctuary - joji
dean pineda's pick

 Dean explained why his favorite music video is “Sanctuary” by Joji. “The music video gives off a retro Star Trek kind of vibe which contributes to its aesthetic. It is set in outer space, which is very cool in my opinion. The song itself is lovely and endearing. It has a memorable story that corresponds to its wonderful lyrics. The concept of the music video is about sacrifice, how you can do anything to give life to the person you love for them be happy.”

9. walang hanggan - quest
zel salcedo's pick

Walang Hanggan is Zel’s favorite because she loves the way Quest write his songs. “The way he created the lyrics was astonishing and well written as it talked about the love that was left for him. The words play well with how he wants the story is written.” She added that the music video gave more meaning for the song. “When I first watched the music video, I was full of awe since the script and the song was a great combination for a quality story. After I watched it, I remembered crying and clapping my hands because it really brought my heart and mind to tears. I even told myself that I want to create a quality script and song like it.”

10. caroline - amine
martin pastor's pick

Martin’s choice is Amine’s “Caroline”.  He explained that he’s biased since Caroline is one of his most favorite songs of all time. He adds, “I actually do love the music video for it because of its simplicity and the color grading which is very lively and makes use of the color yellow abundantly which is also one of my most favorite colors.”

11. baliw - coln
lloyd canilang's pick

For Lloyd, “Baliw” by COLN is his favorite. “This is my favorite music video because they started from scratch. The people behind this is a group of friends who vlog. One of those friends is CongTV, who also has a skill in playing instruments and tried to write songs.” With this, they started to form a production team and this music video happened.

12. you were good to me - jeremy zucker
sam de asis' pick

               Sam’s all-time favorite is “You Were Good to Me” by Jeremy Zucker. She explained that the music was “very sentimental and it gives me so much feels making me feel like I’m part of it.”

13. family - the chainsmokers
denmark mallillin's pick

For Denmark, “Family” by The Chainsmokers is his pick. He explained how this music video is dedicated to their friend, Rory. “Rory Kramer is an amazing filmmaker who produces a lot of music videos for DJs all around the world. It’s unique to tell a life story through a music video instead of a documentary or a narrative film. The music video is subjective and it’s simple. There weren’t any grand visual and sound effects because the main purpose of the music video is to show how strong their family bond is.”

14. born to die - lana del rey
marvin del barrio's pick

Marvin’s favorite would be Lana del Rey’s “Born to Die”, being that she is one of the best artists for him. He explained that this music video remains one of his favorites. “The music video really has a story and still shows some good sceneries. Lana Del Rey always steps outside of the box. Shooting the music video on location in France is brilliant, especially since she was able to mix centuries of art together. The music video also popularized the flower crown. It puts those seen at Coachella to shame. It’s full, fluffy, and ridiculously regal.” He adds, “I’m also obsessed with contrasts, and it looks like Lana Del Rey is as well. Juxtaposing the opulence of 17th century France with a vintage Ford Mustang and bright red Converse is just brilliant. Lastly, I’m certainly no fan of violence, but the song is called “Born to Die,” and this the video itself is a perfect way to pay homage to the song title.”

15. thriller - michael jackson
josh roque's pick

And for Josh, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson is his favorite music video of all time. “When we make music videos, we don’t usually think ahead of how it will impact its viewers. Instead, we stay true to the message of the music and make it our own expression or art form, which is why global popstar Michael Jackson and film director John Landis exceeded on so many levels.” He then further explains the things that made “Thriller” an iconic music video. “A cinematic song for this song from the album of the same name deserved cinematic treatment, reason being why it had made such a memory to me the first time I saw it on our 4:3 television screen. The zombie dance, the romance narrative, the black excellence, the red jacket, the iconic ending, the horror theme, the unexpected duration; “Thriller” changed the people involved in it just as much as it did the world. Because the difference it made from previous visuals was how it gave us an experience, evolving music videos into its own genre of cinema that we celebrate today.”

There are different ways to tell stories. And at times like this, it’s very effective to tell stories visually. Music videos brings out the creativity of artists – to interpret a song in a short amount of time and make their brand known. We may have different tastes in music, but one thing’s for sure – we all enjoy a good music video.

In collaboration with Tunes, 24 Frames will have an upcoming Video Music Awards on March 28, 2020 at Taumbayan Kamuning. 24 Frames’ filmmakers and Tunes’ singers team up to create music videos that are worth the wait.  Joins us as we find out this year’s winners and jam along for an open mic after the awarding ceremony. For more details, visit the 24 Frames or CIIT Video Music Awards FB page. See you there!

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