Nathaniel Molina: A Dedicated Actor

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Acting might be something you want to consider taking in college. Yes, there is a course from Polytechnic University called Theatre Arts where an actor, Nathaniel Molina performed as a supporting role in the short film directed by Jermaine Tulbo, Pinakanakapagpapabagabag-Damdamin. Nathaniel began his journey in performing arts from elementary to his highschool stage. He dug deeper into the acting role when he stepped into college, it was in his belief that acting was the path he wanted to take.

Nathaniel Molina smiling for the camera as he holds their Jury Prize trophy for the film, "Wa, Nan" in the Singkuwento International Film Festival 2019.

As he became more fascinated and involved in acting, he decided to start freelancing full time and do professional acting projects such as theatre productions, short films, and digital ads, until it reached to where he is now. He never felt pure comfort performing in theatre arts and it inspired him to pursue it.

During the film production of Pinakanakapagpapabagabag-damdamin, he stated that there will always be an issue in every set, nevertheless, those things will always be manageable when you enjoy what you are doing. At one point during filming, the sun hit his skin so hard that it gave him a sunburn, and when they were filming a scene at the beach, he had a wound on his foot, just to name a few. Despite all of that, he enjoyed the shoot he had with the people he worked with.

It must have been a fun shoot for the production, the amount of effort they had to put out and the lengths they had to go through for their underwater shoots was all worth it at the end. As a result, Keso Productions won several awards from the Night of Sine Siklab, while he won as the Best Supporting Role nominee from Nakakapagpabagabag-damdamin.

Nathaniel Molina will always ride on the acting role and soon, he will shine on our TV screens and shine under the lights of a theater play. Without further ado, check out and follow Nathaniel (@nathandmolina) to see what he will be planning to perform next!

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