Elyandre Dagli has worked on many projects. But “Pinakanakapagpapabagabag-damdamin” has a different kind of challenge. Working with 3 people on the production in only three days to create this stunning film, winning Sine Siklab 2020’s Best Cinematography.

The production of “Pinakanakapagpapabagabag-damdamin” has its best and worst parts just like any experience, but all experiences are different. The best part that he loves about being a cinematographer of this film is the need of bringing your deepest passion out along with the people who are working on the same level for it.

Source: Facebook

Elyandre personally enjoys sudden film shootings because that is where he brings out his heart into his work making it seem astonishingly creative. Considering the sudden plans, you wouldn’t even notice that he can do way better than expected.

The reason why he continues to express his creativity is because of a project that he’s deeply proud of. A film called Pamana ni Lola (2019) directed by Regin De Guzman and Bradley Pantajo was his first time to lead as the director of photography while he uses only one camera for the film. Unexpectedly, that film won the MMFF Student Short Film 2019.

Bonus fact, Elyandre’s favorite film is Gusto Kita With All My Hypothalamus (2018) a film directed by Dwein Baltazar. It is about how four different men fall in love with one woman with all their hypothalamus. He loves everything about it, from the concept, writing, and cinematography, he did not only appreciate their production, but also learned so much from each character on the screen. Since this is specially made here in the Philippines, he loves this film with his entire hypothalamus.

Elyandre’s message to people who continue to dream, he wishes you to never give up on their studies for the kind of art that you wish to pursue. Just like his life saying “Talo ng may puso ang magagaling.” you must pour your heart and soul to gain that creative juice because that is what really matters, loving what you do.

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