Regin De Guzman is a media student from Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts Senior High School. She started to take interest in film when she entered senior high-school. She pursued it because of the influence, the thrill, and the excitement she received from her friend, her co-director, Bradley. Though the start of her journey was rough. Due to a lack of confidence, she did not take any of the opportunities to join different film contests. But then, when she was introduced to a small film-fest by her former teachers in junior high, she started to love competing and producing films because, for the first time, she was able to bring the best film award and best director award home. After that, many of her Facebook friends and family members kept on mentioning her at different film festivals and that is when she finally gained the confidence to keep on trying.

She said that she usually writes and directs films and plays but here in the Sine Siklab 2020 entry, For Cecille “A Letter for a Thousand Lifetime”, she is the production designer and the co-director of Bradley [Director & Writer of the film]. She stated that it was one of her hardest films produced and of course the most challenging one because of the pandemic, which forced them to shoot this film indoors with little to no knowledge about lights and production design. It was all through faith, hard work, dedication, and trust that they finished this film.

Regin proudly holds the Best Student Short Film trophy from the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Sine Siklab 2020 wasn’t her first short film festival. Her sheer determination on voicing out her heart and advocacies in hoping for a changed nation, she has already produced and achieved awards such as;

  • Best Film & Best Director in Rodriguez First Film Festival;
  • Best Film and Best Director in CineMandirigma 2018
  • Best Director in CineMandirigma 2019
  • Top 8 Finalist in Sine Kabataan 3 that featured in cinemas nationwide with the PPP entry entitled Open;
  • Top 10 Finalist in C1 Minute Original;
  • Best Film CineGinhawa 2019;
  • Best Film 2019 in Metro Manila Film Festival Shorts that featured in cinemas nationwide with the MMFF award-winning Mindanao
  • Top 3 Finalist in C1 Spoken Word Poetry at PETA Lingap Singing with Words Anonymous
  • Top 19 Finalist in Video Home Festival [current competition]

She has come so far from where she was before, receiving awards along the way, but the real award for her is the knowledge, passion, and compassion imparted to the audience. She has learned that every film has its own voice and has its own uniqueness. Her favorite reminder to herself in making a film is, your talent won’t betray you and to keep the fire burning.