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Sine Siklab is the first and official film festival of CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Established by 24 Frames, it is an extended presentation and competition of short films that aims to showcase the talents of students in the field of cinema and that provides a platform for creating inspirational and influential feature productions that will make significant impacts to our nation’s future in filmmaking and in globalization.


The name SINE SIKLAB is formed by the combination of the Filipino words sine and siklab:

sine – the art of film, specifically identifying Filipino cinema.
siklab – the intensity of feeling and excitement, bringing out the best out of people through competition or pasiklaban.


The logo symbolizes a fire reaching greater heights, consisting of three different elements: a film strip representing the art of cinema, the letter C for our school CIIT, and the letter S for our brand, SIKLAB.


This year’s theme will be A BLAZING START, representing a new beginning not just for our org 24 Frames and the school of CIIT College of Arts and Technology, but also for those who will participate in this celebration.


“Blush” by Gayle Oblea
“Tenant” by Jose Solitario
“Kriegspiel” by Darwin Orendain
Ligaya” by Clarisse Ochenta & Lance Davantes
“Pag-uwi” by Shandale Sy
“Dito” by Wesley Jedd Felias
“APPROVALYPSE” by Bianca Gonzales & Angel Pomarejos
“Sulyap sa Tadhana” by Ryven Rabang
“Can I Still Believe in the Sun’s Promise?” by Rodel Rey Roquillas
“Cathy” by Ricci Nicole Bilbao
“New” by Josh Roque


The selection committee comprised of our successful film alumni, esteemed film instructors, and local film professionals from different part of cinema.
Karmela Bautista
CIIT Librarian
Benjamin Canapi
CIIT Instructor
Senior Video Producer, D5 Studio
Glenn Ramos
CIIT Instructor
Animator, Toon City Animation, Inc.
Amabel Bonot-Ampongan
CIIT Instructor
3D Supervisor, Toon City Animation, Inc.
Joshua Lomahan
CIIT Instructor
Cha Roque
CIIT Instructor
Art That Matters for Film Award
Amnesty International 2018
David Corpuz
CIIT Instructor
Finalist “Kusina”, Cinemalaya Film Festival 2016
Finalist “The Ordinary Thing We Do”, Exground Filmfest 2014
Kristine Sulit
CIIT Instructor
Deputy Film Festival Director, QC International Pink Film Festival
 Josh Fernandez
CIIT Alumni
Founder, 24 Frames Organization
Photographer and Digital Content Creator, Lexus Stevens Creek
Dexter Jordan
CIIT Alumni
Former President, 24 Frames Organization
Creative Editor, “Alpha”
Amiel Kabigting
CIIT Alumni
Former President, 24 Frames Organization
Director, 24F Production
Co-director, “Loco”
Adrian Arcega
Former Adviser, 24 Frames Organization
Best Visual Effects Nominee “Felix Manalo”, 2016 FAMAS Awards
Arjanmar Rebeta
NCCA Ani ng Dangal Awardee for Cinema
Best Director, 7th Hak-is International Short Film Festival
Rommel Penesa
Second Unit Director, “Encantadia”
Second Unit Director, “My Korean Jagiya”


The shortlisted films premiered their films to audiences from July 8 to 17, 2019 at the CIIT Library.



"CATHY" by Ricci Nicole Bilbao


"BLUSH" by Gayle Oblea


"BLUSH" by Gayle Oblea


Gayle Oblea of “Blush”


Gayle Oblea of “Blush”


Carl Francis Hirao of “Cathy”


Dana Delos Reyes and April Ancheto from “Blush”


Carl Francis Hirao of “Cathy”


Ricci Nicole Bilbao of “Cathy”


Victor Medina as “Jacob” of “Dito”


Samantha Ty as “Sam” of “Blush”


Marilen Cruz as “Mom” of “Blush”


At the Red Carpet are Jeff Regaspi of "Tenant", Shandale Sy & Julia Tobias of "Pag-Uwi", Angel Pomarejos of "Approvalypse", and Karla Flores & Mylle Rodriguez of "New"
Katrine Tracy Mitu, Ryven Rabang, and John Vincent Mitu of "Sulyap sa Tadhana."
Darwin Orendain, Djian Evardoni, Emilio Gonzales, and Cyril Ticzon represent "Kriegspiel" at the Red Carpet of the Sine Siklab Awards Night at GT-Toyota Asian Center.
RJ Angeles, Rodel Rey Roquillas, Shamy Villanueva, John Edward Aldaba, and Yasmin Azimi pose for the Red Carpet for "Can I Still Believe in the Sun's Promises?" at the Sine Siklab Awards Night at GT-Toyota Asian Center.
Alford Salon, Angela Apostol, Dean Pineda, Sam De Asis, Josh Roque, Karla Flores, Kai Tiu, Emil Asuncion, Joemari Gallargan, Marvin Del Barrio, Mylle Rodriguez, and Justin Figueroa take the center stage for "New" at the Sine Siklab Awards Night at GT-Toyota Asian Center.
The band, Atlantus, kicks off the program proper of the Sine Siklab Awards Night at GT-Toyota Asian Center.
SPADES get in formation at the Sine Siklab Awards Night.
24 Frames Founder and President Emeritus Josh Fernandez gave a motivational message to the Sine Siklab participants.
Samantha Ty, Dana Delos Reyes, and Gayle Oblea of "Blush" received their awards for "Best Actress", "Best Production Design", and "Best Screenplay" respectively.
The crew of "Blush" receive their awards for "Highest Grossing Film", "People's Choice Award", and "Best Director."
Carl Francis Hirao received the award for "Best Editing" for "Cathy." On stage is with former 24 Frames President Amiel Kabigting.
Ricci Nicole Bilbao received the award for "Best Sound Design" for "Cathy."
"Cathy" director Ricci Nicole Bilbao, Cathy Monterola and Carl Francis Hirao receive their award for "Best Picture."
The team of "Cathy" and Gayle Oblea, director of "Blush."
The team of "Cathy" with 24 Frames former Presidents.
The team of "Blush" along with their trophies.
24 Frames Officers on stage - L-R: Vice President Jedd Felias, Finance Manager Angela Apostol, Secretary Josh Roque, President Ryven Rabang; and Marketing Heads Kai Tiu and Marvin del Barrio.
The pillar of 24 Frames - L-R: President Ryven Rabang, Former Presidents Carmela Birao, Amiel Kabigting, Dexter Jordan, Josh Fernandez, and Adviser Joshua Balleras.
Several 24 Frames alumni officers and members attended the Sine Siklab Awards Night - L-R: Former Finance Manager Manrico Malong, Emman Ymasa, Former Marketing Head Alexia Puno, Former Vice President Martin Ramirez, Founding President Emeritus Josh Fernandez, Shaunn Loreto, Former Presidents Amiel Kabigting, Dexter Jordan and Carmela Birao; Roisel Banaag and Limvel Fababeir.
A group photo consists of 24 Frames members and alumni, took the center stage for a special moment.
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