The Toughest Sound Designers of Tubod

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Three sound design students of Sagay National High School have brought “Tubod” The Best Sound Design of Sine Siklab 2020. Tubod is a film directed by John Kent Desemperado. He is also one of the sound designers and editors of the film. The sound design team along with John Kent includes Bea Molo, who is also the cinematographer of the film, and Vincent Apostol, who is an amazing songwriter.

The three are part of their school’s film organization, Anggulo Films, an organization that brings out the creativity, skills, and talent of their students through filmmaking. The three still have their own unique skills even if they all worked together in sound designing. It almost sounds way too impossible to imagine how they created music together during this quarantine that we call the new normal.

The main goal of the team was to build a connection between the audience through sounds. They used rock as their music genre to emphasize the film’s plot twist, which is quite unusual but remarkable to hear from local short films. But their main obstacle was budgeting, casting, crew limit, and location scouting, or almost everything that is difficult to face especially during this pandemic. This is a life-changing experience for anyone to step in the first place, getting to personally learn and manage harder situations while trying to work things together all at once and at a distance? That’s tough work for a team.

After the success of Anggulo Films in Sine Siklab 2020, John Kent, Bea, and Vincent did not stop what they were doing. They continued to explore more of what filmmaking can do, they were never afraid to unfold the unknown capabilities that they did not know they own. They express themselves through their original pieces instead of treating them as a hindrance in their lives.

John Kent continues to create more films for this year, gaining inspiration from the people he worked with from Anggulo Films and has a strong faith in God. On the other hand, Bea doubted her own skills until her mentor trusted her, now, her great passion pushes her to improve her skills, and she is able to tell herself that she can do things that others can’t. Last but not the least, Vincent writes music to share his perspective in meaningful words that people would feel related to. Altogether, with their excellent dedication, they have managed and created the most extraordinary sound design last Sine Siklab 2020.

As they all continue to meet their goals and burn brighter in different ways, they believe that there is always a challenge to every part that we take in our lives, even if filmmaking requires a lot of face-to-face interactions, there will always be a way if you are very passionate about what you are doing. Overall, this reminds us that we shall support our artists in any way possible, most especially in this time of the pandemic.

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