Vice Ganda, Vic Sotto Films not included on MMFF 2016 Entries

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MANILA, Philippines ( – Vice Ganda and Vic Sotto Films were not on the list of the official entries for the annual Filipino film festival to be held in December. Many Filipinos were in great shocked after they found out that the films of Vic Sotto and Vice Ganda were not on the list of 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

MMFF 2016 Executive Committee released the “Magic 8 entries” for the annual festival on Friday, November 18, 2016. They announced the eight entries that will be screened at the annual Filipino film festival, which opens every Christmas Day.

The MMFF released a statement explaining the numerous changes in their entry selection.

MMFF is the much awaited Annual Filipino Festival in the country. Many of the Filipino families have been waiting for the festival to watch the movies starring Kapamilya comedian Vice Ganda and ‘Bossing’ Vic Sotto.

However, MMFF recently announced their eight official entries, which, shockingly, do not include the movies of the two.

According to a recent report of the Kami, the  MMFF Committee sent a statement to clarify that there were a lot of changes in their upcoming festival.

“This year, the Metro Manila Film Festival’s Executive Committee introduced a most crucial policy change. Instead of basing the selection process on screenplays, as has been the practice for many years, it now requires the submission of finished movies.

“Our decision to accept films submitted and finished at the picture lock stage is merely a clarification of the rules and NOT a revision.

“For the information of the public “Picture lock” is defined as a stage in film editing prior to online editing when all changes to the film cut have been done and approved. It is then sent to subsequent stages in the process, such as online editing and audio mixing.

In the statement of the MMFF 2016, The committee admitted that they want to give Filipinos top-caliber creations from the best Filipino filmmakers and artists which is stated in their official statement.

Asked whether the committee considered the commercial value of the entries, execom member Krip Yuson took the stage and explained, “Commercial value is not really our main concern. Our first concern is quality. Even if some may say the other films will make more money, that was not a concern on our part. So long as a film does not pass the evaluation, whatever the genre, it is not considered for the final cut.”

The known writer added, “Our secondary concern is the representation of genres. As to the commercial viability of the choices we made, we firmly believe that with proper marketing, they will commercially succeed because these films makes all kinds of sense, and start with a good story.”

According to Yuson, the committee looked for films that “have something to say” and “were carefully made.” More importantly, he said they want to encourage Filipino viewers to patronize independent movies “if they want real change in the industry.”

“They are not only entertaining, but they are eye-opening,” he added.

The eight entries were selected based on the following criteria: story, audience appeal and overall impact (40%); cinematic attributes or technical expertise (40%); global appeal (10%); and Filipino sensibility (10%).

Vice Ganda stars in the upcoming movie “Super Parental Guardians,” the follow-up to his MMFF box office hit “Beauty and the Bestie” alongside Coco Martin.

Sotto, on the other hand, top-bills the latest movie in the “Enteng Kabisote” franchise which also features some of his co-hosts in the noontime show “Eat Bulaga!”.

“Hindi muna (Not now),” Vice Ganda said when asked by ABS-CBN News to comment on the announcement on the MMFF entries. His handler, meanwhile, said they are planning to hold a meeting in light of recent developments.

Vice Ganda’s MMFF movies have been breaking box office records in the Philippines since 2012. His last MMFF entry, “Beauty and the Bestie,” is the highest grossing film of all time in the country.

Sotto’s “Enteng Kabisote” films have also been consistent box office hits since its first installment in 2004.

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